Top 7 Webcam BDSM Sites

We found the most popular and friendly Fetish communities online in 2018. Check out our top picks for live fetish cam sites, decide which one is best for you and start a free private chat with your favorite dominatrix or slave.

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Price Per Min: $1.99 - $3.99

Community Size: 100,000+

Offers: Doms + Subs, Friendly Users, Fetish Community, Promos, Wide Range of Fetishes, Free Chat, Private Messaging

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Price Per Min: $0.99 - $4.99

Community Size: 75,000+

Offers: Free Chat, Ease of Use, Doms + Subs, Premium Shows, Free HD Quality, Private Messaging, Favorites

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Price Per Min: $1.00 - $7.00

Community Size: 200,000+

Offers: Doms + Subs, Free Registration, Hundreds Online, Amateur + Professional, Interactive Toys, VR Capable, Cam 2 Cam

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Price Per Min: $1.00 - $6.00

Community Size: 100,000+

Offers: Amazing Community, Open Chat, Free Registration, Cam 2 Cam, Self Broadcast, Roleplaying, Subs + Doms

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Price Per Min: $1.99 - $5.99

Community Size: 50,000+

Offers: Subs + Doms, Free Registration, Bonus on First Purchase, Bondage Games, HD Video, User Friendly, Premium Shows

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Price Per Min: $2.99 - $9.99

Community Size: 35,000+

Offers: Amateur + Pros, Free Chat, Free Registration, Buzzmode, Interactive Toys, 30+ Kink Categories, Male + Female + Trans

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Price Per Min: $0.99 - $5.99

Community Size: 30,000+

Offers: Pro Dominatrix, Slave Training, Strapon Sessions, Interactive Toys, Free Chat, Roleplaying

Top BDSM Sites Perfect for Your Journeys Into Kink

Are you interested in exploring the many realms of BDSM? Do you have daydreams about women dominating you, making you their worshipful, obedient, perhaps even degraded slave eager to lick their boots? Or perhaps you want to make a female your own slave: naked, crawling, bare boobs jiggling, mouth open, and attentive to every desire of your cock and balls! Whatever you wish, you’ve come to the right place, because here at we bring you links and reviews of the very best absolutely free webcam chat sites devoted to fetish, Dominance and Submission, Mistresses and Slavegirls, and all-around delicious pervy roleplay!

The sites listed here have to meet certain standards for pleasurable performance. One thing that’s important is that there be a continuous and constantly refreshed variety of models from all over the world who will help their guests explore the delectable details of kink life: the clothing, the toys, the heels, the whips, the fantasies! These ladies must be knowledgeable and they must be enthusiastic about indulging in the erotica of kink. Their webcam shows must also be absolutely free to initially access so that viewers from curious newbies right up to the most demanding connoisseurs can see what the ladies are like before they decide to take the plunge and try a more private encounter in one-on-one online rooms. Also, the sites must be straightforward in design so that there are no mysteries about signing up or participating in more intimate chats. And the prices for such further fun must be stated clearly and be reasonable enough to make the girls accessible to a wide range of fans.

Another thing we look for is congeniality in the models themselves. Nobody wants to watch a show with a surly, judgmental young lady who will only give you the time of day when you shell out an outrageous tip! Sure, there might be one or two malcontented types in the batch, as in any profession, but we try to make sure that these sites include the vast majority of models who know that most men are people with feelings too (despite the way the media too often make males look like drooling horndogs and sexual harassers) and who will treat men with affection and courtesy. Naturally, our ladies want respect, in turn, so we must do our part, but overall they know men are also sensitive to the way they’re treated and so the women will be good to you if you are decent to them.

So, summing up, these are the elements we look for in recommending these sites to you: variety; knowledge of costume and kinks and scenarios; easy-to-access shows that are always totally free to visit and enjoy, but offer further possibilities for more extended entertainment for a range of tips that everybody can afford; and friendliness, so that the wall of isolation and loneliness and sexual frustration can be breached and you can have real FUN AND ENJOYMENT that will make you regard these sites as places you look forward to regularly visiting, much like you’d drop in at your favorite neighborhood watering hole. These sites aren’t about porn movies but offer real adult interplay, and you are a part of the action yourself when you check out the live fetish webcam sites recommended here at!